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    8 Subtle Harry Potter-Themed Accessories For Your Very Own

    8 Subtle Harry Potter-Themed Accessories For Your Very Own

    If you are anything like us, then your love for all things Harry Potter runs deep. But, sporting a Gryffindor sweater or a Hufflepuff backpack 24/7 is not your thing. Instead, you prefer low-key extras that can still spark an HP-centric convo without drawing all eyes on you. So, if you want to de-muggle your life the subtle way, these 8 discreet yet wow-worthy accessories will make you feel like a Hogwarts alumnus (or alumna) – no sorcery required.


    1. Marauder Map & Deathly Hallow Watch Set

    Whether it's time to re-watch the entire series or enjoy a cup of warm butterbeer, these two whimsical watches will help you stay on top of your schedule.

    Buy them here>>>

    They also come with a sleek, minimalistic black band that matches the needs of both men and women. PS: Even though they look fancy, they won't burn a hole through your wallet since they are a buy-one-get-two kind of deal.



    1. Deathly Hallows Acrylic Bubble Necklace

    Buy it here>>>

    For those days when you're feeling a bit edgy, startle your Potterhead friends with this Deathly Hallow necklace. Shaped after the now-famous HP sign and looking chic AF, this pendant is definitely worth a place in your accessory collection. You-Know-Who would be proud.

    1. Hogwarts Letter Jewelry Set

    Sometimes it's the smallest pieces that pack the biggest punch, and that's exactly the case for this Hogwarts-inspired jewelry set.

    Buy it here>>>

     Consisting of a necklace and a matching set of stud earrings, this fashion-forward item pays homage to the wizarding academy while ushering your outfit into the #OOTD territory.


    1. Hedwig Dad Hat

    Since owning your very own snowy white, mail-delivering owl is not possible (at least, not at the moment), we have another cute way for you to show your love for Harry's adorable pet.  Commemorate Hedwig's honor in a subtle yet stylish way.

    Buy it here>>>

    This embroidered dad hat comes with a inconspicuous and cartoonish image of Harry's beloved, Hedwig, and its name printed on the back. Sun blocking never felt cooler!

    1. Leather Bi-Fold Wallet

    Looking for an easy way to carry your galleons and sickles around that even Harry would approve of? Then, this leather bi-fold wallet is a no-brainer.

    Buy it here>>>

    Featuring an embossed Hogwarts crest, this accessory can help you store anything from cards and IDs to your muggle money.

    1. Harry & Hermione Wands Hair Stick 

    Nailing the perfect updo is not always easy. But, adding a little “magic” to the mix can work wonders on your hairstyling skills.

    These wand-shaped hair sticks look just like Hermione's and Harry's trusted wands and are guaranteed to smooth things out for you – even during the worst hair days.


    Buy it here>>>

    1. Harry Potter Wand Bracelet

    Buy it here>>>

      Do you want to glam up your bare wrist HP-style? Then, you need this gorgeous bracelet in your life. Designed to look exactly like our favorite wizard's wand, this subtle accessory will make your fellow Potterheads seriously jealous of your elegance and sense of fashion. 

      1. Harry Potter Teaspoon Unisex T-Shirt

      If you are looking for an easy way to bring some instant HP swagger to your everyday outfits, we've got you covered.

      Buy it here>>>

      This unisex T-shirt features Hermione's sassiest quote, showing that you not only love the series but are also a fan of witty clapbacks.


      Ready to add some Harry Potter flair to your outfits? Let us know which items you want to snag right now in the comment section down below!

      10 Perfectly Magical Gifts For The Hermione Granger In Your Life

      10 Perfectly Magical Gifts For The Hermione Granger In Your Life

      Confident, brainy and an all around bada$$; Hermione Granger was and still is the girl we all secretly want to be. So, it's not surprising to see an entire generation of gals out there craving to be just like her, in any and every way (sassy clap-backs included). If your friend is one of these girls, then it's about time you showered her with the magical attire and tools she deserves. That said, these 10 Hermione-approved gifts will definitely enchant her and help her look more like the adorable Muggle-born witch she's always looked up to.


      1. Deathly Hallows Hermione Granger Wand

      Made from vine wood and a dragon heartstring core, Hermione's wand is just like her; beautiful on the outside but feisty on the inside.

      While this replica is not made from such magical materials, it can still make your friend feel like a powerful witch every time she pulls it out of her Gryffindor robe. PS: This wand looks exactly like the one Hermione used in the movies "Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows," part I and II, so she can thank you later.

      Buy it here>>>

      1. Dobby Adult Premium Deep Purple Heather T-Shirt

      Buy it here>>>

      By now we all know that if it weren't for Hermione, house elves would still get a very raw deal. The S.P.E.W. (Society for the Promotion of Elfish Welfare) founder is known for her activist spunk, and this vintage-looking, heather tee could be your friend's way of supporting her noble goal.

      Plus, it's also time we showed some love to the bravest house elf we've had the chance to know throughout the Harry Potter series; Dobby.

      1. Double-Sided Time Turner Watch Necklace

      Not many Hogwarts students can say that they traveled back in time, but Hermione Granger is in a league of her own. With a little help from the time-turner necklace, the studious witch had the chance to turn back time and catch up with her workload in an attempt to ace her academic game.

      Buy it here>>>

      While this look-alike pendant may not have the same effect on your friend's work schedule, it can still add some magic into her day-to-day life thanks to the die-cut stars on the watch's face and the cute, little hourglass that measures time everytime you flip it.

      1. Gryffindor Crest Mug

      Judging from Hermione's attitude and wits, there are about a million ways for a Gryffindor student to show his/her allegiance to the scarlet-gold house.

      Buy it here>>>

      However, sipping tea or coffee out of this Gryffindor crest mug seems like the most straightforward option. Not to mention that it will add a general Hogwarts vibe to your kitchen.


      1. Harry Potter Teaspoon Unisex T-Shirt

      Love it or hate it, Hermione is the queen of sass, and her now-famous retort to Ron proves just that. So, if your Potterhead friend is all about clapping back and could use the inspo for his/her comebacks then this tee is a no-brainer. 


      Buy it here>>>

      PS: It comes in two different colors and multiple sizes, so no Muggle will be left behind

      1. Crookshanks Adult Crewneck Sweatshirt

      Remember Hermione's sneaky yet smart-as-a-whip cat, Crookshanks? This pet's attitude toward Scabbers, Ron's lazy rat, almost cost them their friendship at some point.

      Buy it here>>>

      But, that's no reason to hate on the ginger cat. On the contrary, we're here to celebrate Crookshanks's quick wits by sporting his face on a cozy crewneck sweatshirt that's all about living your life in a unique, cat-loving style, just like Hermione would.


      1. Yule Ball Hermione Pop! Vinyl Figure

      Buy it here>>>

      While Hermione is usually complimented on her wisdom and in-depth knowledge of the magic arts, she's also a beautiful teenage girl who can steal any guy's heart with a simple smile. Who could forget her grand entrance to the Yule Ball in that timeless pink gown?

      If you or your friend want to relive that moment, this Pop! Vinyl figure is a must-have. From her perfectly sculptured curls to her shiny flower earrings, this tiny version of our favorite witch all dressed up reminds us why she's everyone's sweetheart.


      1. Three Stand Alone Unisex Heather T-Shirt

      Buy it here>>>

      If there's one adjective to describe Hermione's attitude toward Harry and Ron, that'd be loyal. From keeping them out of trouble with her advice to running to their rescue when they are in need, she's always there to take one for the team.

      If her selfless stance is giving you squad chills, this heather T-shirt is just what Hermione recommended. Fun fact: She even stands between the guys, proving once again that she's the glue that holds this magic squad together.


      1. Harry Potter Hogwarts Notebook

      Being the overachieving Gryffindor student that she is, Hermione always keeps a notebook around to never miss out on any new potions or spells.

      Buy it here>>>

      If you or your friend love geeking out as well, this embellished notebook will do just the trick while giving you some serious Hogwarts vibes. Plus, the golden trim will add a sense of elegance to your look, making you feel more like the top-of-her-class witch.

      1. Ron Weasley Pop! Vinyl Figure

      Buy it here>>>

      From supporting her interests and goals to balancing out her workaholic tendencies, Ron's often goofy attitude is actually a perfect match for Hermione's powerful, serious approach to... well, everything.


      That said, his tiny red-headed figurine rightfully deserves a place right next to her Yule ball dolly (check above). From our point of view, that's a match made in heaven – no matter what J.K. Rowling has to say.


      So, will you stock up on all things Hermione Granger? Which ones are your absolute faves? Let us know in the comment section down below!

      6 Dark Magical Devices to Help You Master Your Dark Side

      6 Dark Magical Devices to Help You Master Your Dark Side

      We know you're here because you have an urge to explore your dark side. Don't we all?  These six items will be sure to bring you closer to the evil streak in you.  Make sure you're ready, because there is no turning back.


      This t-shirt will definitely let your fellow witches and wizards know not to mess with you. Avada Kedavra is one of the three Unforgiveable Curses. This curse causes instantaneous death to whatever the spell hits. 

      If you commit to wearing this shirt, you’re also committing to a possible sentence to a life in Azkaban Prison.  Make sure you really consider yourself a master of the Dark Arts before wearing this tee! 


      Now that you’ve agreed to practice Unforgivable Curses and other forms of Dark Magic, you’re ready to commit to being a Death Eater and follow in Lord Voldemort’s footsteps.

      Death Eaters know no fear and are not one to follow the wizarding laws & regulations.  All Death Eaters proudly wear this Dark Mark on their body.  Sport your commitment to the Dark Arts and wear this pin loud & proud.



      Wake up on the Dark side of the bed? Drink your hot morning beverage and simultaneously summon the Dark Lord with this heat transforming mug. 

      Every time you pour hot liquids into this mug, it will reveal an image of the one & only, Lord Voldemort. Make sure you’re ready to summon him before you pour anything into this mug!



      Attain immortality by dividing pieces of your dark soul into different Horcruxes, but look stylish while you do it!

      Voldemort was likely the only wizard to have successfully created more than one Horcrux. This T-Shirt represents each of these items (and murders committed) that carry pieces of the Dark Lord’s soul. 


      Still didn’t get enough Horcrux action? Own your very own replica of the infamous Salazar Slytherin Locket that Voldemort used for one of his Horcruxes.

      Be careful when you wear it though! It is known to affect the mood of the person wearing it to feel irritable.  Although, since you’re here because of your dark side, you may strive to wear this locket anyway. Try it if you dare!



      Lumos! Stay on top of your Hogwarts class notes with this light up Voldemort notebook. The cover magically lights up and will surely shock all of your fellow witches and wizards.

      Will you dare to summon the Dark Lord and commit unforgivable spells? Let us know in the comment section down below!

      5 Things To Celebrate Fred & George Weasleys' Birthday

      5 Things To Celebrate Fred & George Weasleys' Birthday

      For some, April Fool's Day is the one day of the year they can finally give into their playful ways and pull awesome pranks on their friends or family. But, for HP-obsessed muggles like us, this day has a double meaning. April 1st is also the birthday of our two favorite Bludger-beating redheads, Fred and George Weasley – ahem, that explains a lot. The truth is that such milestone deserves an epic celebration, and since we don't want you to miss out on all the B-day fun, we've “charmed” our way to 5 Hogwarts-approved gems that will remind you once again why these twins were, are and will always be your favorite out of the Weasley bunch (sorry, Ron!). 
      1. Fred & George Weasley Pop! Vinyl Figures

      If you are anything like us, then you'd love to spend some time with Fred and George IRL. But, since that's not possible -at least, for now-, we can hook you up with the next best thing: Pop! Vinyl figurines. 
      These mini versions of the dynamic duo remind us why we fell in love with them in the first place, from their bright red hair and Hogwarts grey sweaters to their savvy business skills (George holds two boxes from their joke shop, Weasley's Wizard Wheezes). Keep in mind, though, that these two are inseparable. So, it'd be a total shame if you just got your hands on a George miniature and left the Fred version out, or vice versa.
      Sure, Fred and George are not exactly the team player kind, but their Quidditch skills make us want in on the action every time. So, we found a cool way to dip our toes in the wizard-friendly sport, and it involves the best gear in the market. The SWAT plush Nimbus 2000 is actually a replica of the prop used in the actual films by Harry himself. However, this item comes with a bonus feature that no Quidditch player had the pleasure of enjoying; a series of sounds which activate on impact and while the broomstick is swung through the air. So, what are you waiting for? Hop on your Nimbus 2000 and make these two unbeatable beaters proud.
      “I solemnly swear that I'm up to no good.” Who knew that what sounded like another goofy one-liner said by the twins would turn out to be some of the most helpful words Harry would ever hear? This unlikely phrase is actually the key to one of our favorite wizard's most prized possesions, the Marauder's Map.
      This magical document allows everyone who owns it to check out every classroom and hallway of the Hogwarts School, including those hidden rooms and passages no one should even know about. So, if you want front-row access to every secret chamber at Hogwarts, then you need to start working on this 1.000-piece puzzle ASAP. Friendly tip: It may take awhile, but your work and patience will pay off. We promise.


      1. Fairisle Laplander Beanie 

      We've read and seen it: Winter at Hogwarts can be super cold. But, while most students cozied up next to one of the many fireplaces throughout the premises, the twins remained restless by putting on matching beanies and going about their day in style.

      Sporting Griffyndor's colors (scarlet and gold) as well as the iconic lion emblem, this pom pom-topped beanie is a perfect tribute to the twins' house and sense of style. Not to mention that it'll keep your head warm when winter rolls around. So, leave your muggle beanies in the closet and put on the colors of your favorite house instead. That will stupefy your friends, for sure.

      1. Hogwarts Potion Bottle Light Up Key Chain
      From love potions to 10-second pimple vanishers, Weasley's Wizard Wheezes is a one-stop shop for everything magical. Thanks to their out-of-the-box thinking, the two brothers added a new dimension to the wizarding world and it actually paid off. So, if you are a fan of their inventions, this miniature potion bottle sporting the Hogwarts crest is a must-have. It even lights up on its own for some extra glow - no sorcery required.
      How will you celebrate Fred and George Weasleys' birthday this year? Let us know in the comment section down below!